Care for our furniture

Laura Ashley’s furniture has been created by masters, with lots of care and attention, so that they produce characteristic pieces that bring pleasure in the future.
  - The collection Rubie is hand-made from massive wood and modern materials, selected so that they create structural uniformity and stability.
  - Rubie is painted by hand in order to achieve not only characteristic finish and a cover of transparent polish, but also unique and individual pieces. With careful use, these wonderfully manufactured pieces of furniture will bring many years of satisfaction and joy.

The timber is wonderful material. It is important to understand its unique opportunities and not to take them for mistakes.

The hand laid finish
The variations in the brush marking contribute to the character and unrepeatable qualities of each piece.

Knots and connecting lines in the timber
These are natural opportunities to achieve natural appearance of the wooden furniture, which may sometimes be seen through the coloured surface. They add little curiosity and do not cause any difficulties.

Each wood material shows some changes from season to season due to the alterations in the temperature and the humidity. This often leads to hardships when moving the drawers. Some wax on the sliders of the drawers, fixed on the furniture body, solves the problem.

Parts for novelage
  - It is from first priority to place your furniture on such a surface level that allows its doors to close and open properly and easy.
- The cleats can be recommended for products with doors in order to help you with the leveling. When the piece of furniture stays at one place for a couple of days, so that the carpets are trampled down, the undesired part of the cleats can be pulled and hidden.
- If the doors do not open easily or the product has been moved, the leveling must be repeated. Every packing material can be used for this; the lower corner must be lifted.

Sun light and warmth
- Avoid exposing the furniture to excessive warmth, for instance near the heater, as this might lead to cracks. It is recommended to keep minimum 30 cm distance from the sources of warmth.
- Never place warm plates directly on wooden or coloured surfaces, we recommend you to use trays. Too long use of warming electrical devices, such as TV, on the furniture may also cause burning.
- The dark tire feet, which can be found on electrical and other devices, often contain chemicals. These substances can leave indelible trace on the surface, which is why you should be careful.

In order to help you prolong the life of your furniture, we advise you the following:

  - Spilt liquid must be removed immediately with damp cloth.
- For nice appearance of your furniture, we recommended regular cleaning of the dust with soft cloth.
- It is recommended to clean the furniture from time to time with soft cloth, impregnated with detergent, and then dry it with lint.
- The constant use of polishing agents, containing silicon, is not recommended because this leads to silicon accumulation, which changes the appearance of the furniture.

  - Be careful when moving – crawling will damage the body.
- Dropping the pieces of furniture on the corners or feet may damage them.
  - Leaning back on the back legs of the chair will weaken its body.
  - Be careful with sharp objects like toys, buckles and heels – avoid contact with the furniture.
  - If your furniture becomes dirty, scribbled, break into pieces , or is damaged in any other way, we recommend you professional restoration. Please contact your insurer, if you have insurance. We also offer Service center on 08457 626 828.

Following the instructions above, you will keep the effectiveness of the product. Laura Ashley does not bear responsibility for defects, caused by incorrect use of your products.