Choosing the leather

Investment in real original
The real leather is natural and warm with fully individual characteristics. Laura Ashley uses only high-quality, full and half-aniline leathers, most of them coloured in red using water dyes or pigment, finished with natural substances like bee wax. This allows natural markings, notches, shadow variations and wonderful characteristics of real authentic leather.

The real beauty comes with maturity
With certain amount of care, the leather can only become nicer with the time. Quite often, a strange sign or scratch may appears, the modulation of the form comes and the colours soften, but this does not reduce its endurance – exactly the opposite, it only emphasizes the unique appearance of the furniture and adds specific detachment. The leather is an investment in the future, which many generations will admire.

In order to be sure, that you are satisfied and will fully understand the leather, you have chosen, please read the details about our wide range of leathers below:

Leather Classification according catalogue
Description and characteristics
Fine leather

Golden- brown, with fine variations of two tones, half-aniline leather with finish, whose coarse textile has been removed. Its marks and striations can still be seen and felt under the finish.
Fine leather
Marks and furrows characterize this material. Specific feature of this leather type is the wax finish, which creates evident tendency of „drawing” with slight corrections in the high-tension fields. This emphasizes the natural furrows in these fields as well. It is more scratch resistant.
Specific leather
Leather, solved in warm, dark tone with fine, old looking appearance. It is very smooth. The fluent finish can be easily scratched, though its smoothness can be restored through usual whipping. On places where the leather is tight, for instance on the armrests, it will lighten. All features of the leather can be seen, especially marks and furrows.
Specific leather
Coloured in light brown nuance, covered with dark brown blacking and then dried turned. This creates antique appearance when the finish cracks. All natural marks contribute to the antique view. Characteristic for this leather is the blacking, which creates clear tension tendency; so that the light spots in the high- tension fields can be seen.
Breton and Regency
/Breton and Regency/
Specific leather
Smooth leather with finely aged outlook. The fluent finish is scratch susceptible despite of the fact, that its smoothness can be restored through simple whipping. On the places, where the leather is tight / extended /, for instance the armrests, it will lighten.
Classic Satchel
/Classic Satchel/
Specific leather
This strong, softly coloured leather replaces the saddle leather. This is very natural material with significant variations of its texture and colour. Satchel has three hidden symbols, so make the client aware of the fact, that each part will have clearly expressed texture, marks and striations.
Specific leather
The new leather Ranch can be order only for the armchair Brandon. It is high-quality, fully aniline leather in reach and deep colour. It possesses aged and nuance rich appearance. This leather is smooth, which means, it looks very light on the places, where it is tight, for instance the armrests of the chair.

 * Remark
- The leather has evident texture, marks and furrows
- The leather has clear texture, marks and furrows
- The leather has very deep texture, marks and furrows