Choosing the textile

Have you chosen the suitable textile?
The durability of the textile is accurately defined and can be found in Laura Ashley’s catalogue on the page for draperies. There are two main textile classes:
- Light domestic textiles – for light/ rare use
- Basic domestic textiles – for main / often use

All other textile have double function and the ones for drapery fulfill or even exceed the British standard for draperies and have middle result of 22,000 from the rubbing test. It should be remembered, that sharp objects such as spikes, buckles and nails of pets, will inevitably damage even the most resistant materials.

Laura Ashley’s furniture is offered only for home use. Please, contact the Service department about commercial orders.

Do you understand the compositions and the features of the textile, which you have chosen?
All materials have unique features and characteristics. Quite often, we choose precisely these textiles because of these concrete qualities. The page “Glossary” of our catalogue contains full details for each textile. Please, consider these characteristics before ordering. All marked points are natural or desired features and will not be considered as mistake.

Caitlin / woollen velvet/
This material has an excellent crumpled appearance. Each part of the furniture, upholstered with the textile Caitlin will have unique and individual outlook and will possess light chiaroscuro and colourful variations everywhere. If you order more than one piece, upholstered with textile Caitlin, there will be certain difference in the colour.

Allegra Gold
This textile has a double tone effect. This should not be considered as peculiarity or defect.

Rich textiles / Vilandri, Crofton and Francessa/.
All rich colours can look crumpled after use. This is textile feature, not a defect.

Linen textiles
The linen textiles / with small, more outworn parts/ are natural, possess impregnated characteristics. These materials do not get damages or defects because of usage.

Furniture with valance
Such furniture can be crumpled when moving. Please, wait for a week and the corrugations will flatten.

Guardsman – Textile protection
All Laura Ashley’s materials for valances / excluding the leathers/ - with some exceptions, marked in the catalogue- are treated with Guardsman, spot protection. This is chemical treatment, which protects the textile from impurities and spots. Please, keep in mind the treatment with this agent increases the resistances against spots, but does not make the material absolutely resistant. The regular cleaning is of prior importance.

In addition, we recommend the guarantee of Guardsman protection, which covers accidental damages of the furniture such as rupture, damping or burning for 5 years.